4 Ways to Build Your Best Rental Season Yet

We know, Punxsutawney Phil has called for more — much more — winter. But soon enough, the cold will break and the roads will be filled with RVers heading for the beautiful campgrounds and national parks of America.

In the meantime, between now and higher temps, work to build your business with a few easy, inexpensive business-building measures.

  1. Use pictures in your listing, and make sure they’re good ones!

Human nature draws the eye to images before text, so imagine what this means for your RV listing. If your pictures are inviting, clear and a true testament to what renters can expect, you’ll have unsurprised renters. Unsurprised renters are happy renters. And happy renters leave positive reviews.

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  1. Speaking of reviews, solicit them.

Once each rental has closed, the renter will receive an email from RVshare asking for an honest review of the rental process with the owner and how accurate the listing was to the actual product. Knowing this opportunity will be given to each renter, ensure that you offer seamless, easy communication and truth about your vehicle in the description. Further, let your renters know to expect the review email and that you value their feedback because it helps you improve and market your RV rental business.

  1. Reviews help!

Share your experiences with RVshare on various online review sites you regularly use. This offers renters the confidence to know they are renting through a reputable business with genuine, caring RV owners who want to help facilitate incredible trips and memories. Eighty-five percent of consumers dip into review sites to research companies before using them. Take advantage of that number and send some potential renters your way!

  1. Chat about it.

You’re on Facebook, right? Well, make the time you spend thumbing the page down useful by chatting with other RVshare owners around the country who are also looking to amp their businesses. From learning how to leverage SmartMatch to being first in line when someone says, “Hey, anyone have an available RV in “so-and-so city?”, you will benefit greatly from this community. Search “RVshare Owners Group” on Facebook.

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