37 Awesome Campers That Will Leave You Dreaming of The Open Road

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Your way or the highway? I have a feeling, after looking at these 37 awesome campers, you’re going to pick  THE HIGHWAY!

1. Say hello to Dot, a ’63 Winnebago. Despite being tiny, has a whole lotta love to give. A little lady with just enough room for all the necessities: a small kitchen, a toilet and a comfy bed just for you. What else could one need?


2. I guess Miranda Lambert was right in saying, “gypsies never get tied down”. That explains a great deal why the cool gals of Junk Gypsy Blog pimped out their tour bus to show just that.

3. If this isn’t just the most angelic darling abode, then I don’t know what is!

4. Ooh-la-la fancy! With leather seats and walnut detailing this really is all that glitters.

5. Meet Constance, a ’57 Sprite 14 caravan. She is giving me ‘Strawberry Shortcake characters having a tea party’ vibe, and I love everything about it!

6. The best dressed camper hands down!

7. Digging the retro wallpaper on this sweetheart!

8. Polka dots are all the rage this summer. With that said, this camper is hot to trot!

9. A dainty little gem parked alongside a coast? Swoon! It’s no wonder they call them Love Lane Caravans.

10. Simple and sweet. Love it to the moon and back!

11. Here you have Della, the ’74 silver streak luxury liner of her day. She is 28 feet of absolute adorableness. Just check out those retro furnishings!

12. The 70’s were a good year for campers, huh? Particularly, because that’s when this one was born. Green with envy!

13. Nothing says home quite like kicking your feet up in a darling camper. Add a good read and it’s home-sweet-home.

14. Delicious! The pastries don’t look too bad either.

15. Here you have Maringotte looking “très chic”!

16. You’re never fully dressed without a smile beautiful set of curtains.

17. If Stevie Nicks ever owned a tea shop it would be this. Heck, if I ever owned a tea shop it would look like this too. Tea Time!

18. A 1959 Chevrolet Viking short bus was restored and this is the amazing result. Now if only we could have rode to elementary school in this beauty!

19. Isn’t Maude marvelous? This granny chic would make my grandmother proud no doubt about it.

20. A modern home-office-lounge on wheels.

21. Glamping!

22. Tea and crumpets in the cutest camper ever. How regal!

23. This would be the perfect set for an Anthropologie photo shoot.

24. This literally is such a neat place.

25. This camper is wild. And I’m not just saying that because it’s stationed at the base of a tropical fruit farm in Southern California. This 400 square foot gypsy caravan is a home, a shed and art studio all in one. The best part is having cherimoya, avocado and guava at your fingertips. Yum!

26. Vintage luxury indeed!

27. One word: LOVE! Okay two words: NEED!

28. The ultimate hippy mobile! What I would do to get a peak on the inside. Super cool!

29. This is such a fun one. Party on, Wayne!

30. Rolling in style…

31. Loving those vintage diner vibes! I’ll have the disco fries and a soda pop, please.

32. Oh boy, do I love me a good room with a view!

33. Surf’s up!

34. Well, say aloha to this one!

35. This 16 footer is Airstream Bambi. She’s a dear, and the perfect little camper for the perfect little getaway.

36. Laundry day never looked so good.

37. “The best ship is friendship”. The second best ship is actually a camper, not a ship.

So you are going to go with “the highway”, right? I sure am!

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