25 Vintage Campers That Will Make You Dream of Adventure

Sometimes the best camping trips are not taken in an RV filled with high tech gadgets, an abundance of space, or luxury accommodations. Camping has always been about the simple life and interacting with nature. An uncomplicated camping experience is what most people crave.

These 25 vintage campers are sure to encourage an authentic camping experience with their cute renovated styles. Enjoy!

1. The Tea Trailer

A cup of tea anyone? Stop on by for a seat on the comfortable red couch. You might even want to stay awhile.

2. Natural Comfort

This renovated Viking Short bus is ready and willing to provide the necessary comfort for a relaxing vacation. Filled with natural woods and pleasing fabrics, this camper is the perfect place to get in touch with your inner nature loving self.

3. Glamping in Style

Doesn’t this look cozy and cute? This vintage camper is glamping at its finest with comfortable fabrics, an inviting wood interior, and even a crystal chandelier. Don’t you just want to stretch out and take a nap?

4. Maude the Marvelous

Introducing Maude, a vintage trailer who lives in a beautiful garden. Isn’t she a lucky lady? Many people would love living here. With the cute picket fence, pretty flowers all around, and a spot to sit and drink your morning coffee — what’s not to love?

5. A Sweet living space

Don’t you just love this tiny vintage Avion? It may be tiny on the outside, but that beautiful bead is more than inviting. The small details of the vintage radio and brass reading light turn this trailer from adorable to perfect!

6. An Airstream Fit for a Star

If country star Miranda Lambert had an Airstream this is what it would look like. Oh wait…this is what it looks like! This retro, cosmic, fun and vibrant vintage Airstream was designed for Miranda by the talented team at the Junk Gypsy Company.

7. Quiet Comfort

If you ever craved a trailer built just for reading, then this is the one for you. With every corner full of soft comfort, this is the perfect space to read and enjoy a quiet space with a view. Doesn’t that sound nice?

8. Cool Outdoor Living

When you spend time in a tiny vintage trailer, sometimes you need to expand your living space to the outside. And why not? The white tent, outdoor kitchen shelf, and pretty table provide much needed extra space in the great outdoors.

9. A Tiny, Vintage Diner

If you the type who enjoys the retro diner look, then you will love this captivating design of this vintage Shasta trailer. With teal upholstery, dark wood paneling, and cute curtains, all that you need now is a burger and milkshake!

10. A Trailer By The Sea

This trailer is simply amazing. If the pleasing interior design isn’t enough, you also have a huge front window from which you can gaze out on the great outdoors. And if you happen to be parked next to the ocean, all the better!

11. A Trailer Full of Love

What better way to share your love than in this adorable trailer? This love nest is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway for two.

12. Modern With a Twist

This vintage Airstream might have a fridge, stove, sink, A/C and all the modern comforts, but it also has so much more. The classic Airstream style is accentuated with the creamy walls and vintage couch cover. Doesn’t it looks like the perfect place to relax after long day of play?

13. The Ultimate Yarn Bomb

If you are familiar with the term “yarn bombing” then you will recognize that this cute little trailer is the ultimate example of this fun and crafty practice. Whether this trailer was bombed with yarn or not, we can all agree that it’s one cute, cozy looking trailer.

14. Clean & Bright

Compact and properly organized, this trailer is sure to please a number of people. The white interior is clean, inviting, and just waiting for you to move in.

15. A Vintage Mobile Shop

Two women, a trailer, and a fun mobile shop filled with vintage items. This is what you get with the dynamic duo from the Oh So Lovely Vintage blog.

16. A relaxing experience

Meet Constance, a 1957 Sprite trailer. Living large with her mint green exterior,  fun retro styling, and interior fit for relaxing and fun, Constance is one gorgeous lady. (And she’s available for rent.)

17. Pretty in Pink

A pretty pink trailer plus a table full of cupcakes!!! What more could your possibly want in life?

18. A Classic Vintage Airsteam

I don’t know about you, but I would love to travel in a trailer like this. The sleek Airstream design combined with the chocolate leather interior screams classy and comfortable.

19. Mid-Century Modern Gone Wild


Pale pink paint, fun mid-century modern wall paper, and clean interior design — what more could you want?

20. A Shasta Ready for Flight

If you’ve dreamed about living on the open road, this little vintage Shasta trailer is here to help you take flight! Get away from it all in this cute, renovated beauty.

21. A Carnival Trailer

I don’t know about you, but I imagine a carnival fortune teller in this fun vintage trailer. Sit down at the table, reach out your hands, and await your future.

22. Minnie Mouse’s Trailer

If Disney had trailers for all their characters, this one would definitely be for Minnie Mouse. It matches not only outfit, but also her entire personality. I like to imagine that the inside is filled with photos of Mickey and that all the characters gather outside on the picnic table for a weekly poker match.

23. The Blues Bus

A renovated bus all decked out in shades of blue. Just look how spacious it is with bunk beds, plenty of compartments, a nice dinning space ,and a warm kitchen area. This blue bus is simply delightful.

24. A Simple Dream

Simple often equals happiness. In this case simplicity is the name of the game. A plain exterior, a large canopy, and a stunning location are all you need to be happy in this tiny vintage trailer.

25. A Colorful Trailer

Modern, cozy, and colorful — this trailer has it all for the perfect camping trip. You and your family will have the time of your lives enjoying nature and comfort in this adorable renovated RV.

What do you think? Do you love vintage campers as much as we do? Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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