A Fun & Colorful 1976 Airstream: It Will Make You Smile!

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I don’t know about you, but as a creative free spirit, I love color! Spaces that burst with patterns and color create a feast for the eyes that are heaven to me.

Blue is supposed to calm you, green enhances productivity, and red excites…but what happens when you mix multiple colors and patterns and put them all inside a retro 1976 Airstream trailer? You get what Jami and Jay created – an audacious home full of color and fun!

Jay Pennington is a DJ and Musician based in New Orleans who also runs a nonprofit organization known as New Orleans Airlift. Better known as Rusty Lazer, the DJ and his girlfriend Jami Girourad, a costume designer and artist, bought this classic 1976 Airstream and renovated it to fit their own unique style.

Jami and Jay are what you would call the ultimate sentimental collectors, and their Airstream is nothing you’ve ever seen before. The intense color explosion creates a bright and unique cozy home.

Jami classifies her aesthetic as “organized chaos”, which is exactly what the inside of this Airstream looks like.

The color and texture combinations are nothing like you’d imagine but they meld together and create a bright and fun interior. The art on the walls are all courtesy of Jay.

What do you think of the brightly colored interior in this Airstream? Tell us what you think in the comments below.