15 Year Old Van Transformed into the Ultimate Camper

Have you ever wanted to build your own ultimate camper van? You are not alone. There are hundreds of people out there converting and building camper vans of their very own.

This is the story of one such project.When David Bryne and his good friend got their hands on this 2000 GMC Safari it got a new lease on life and was transformed from a boring old passenger van to a swanky custom home on wheels.

The end result of their hard work and effort is a great motorhome with a foldout bed, kitchen, and more.


Wonderful Engineering

How did they do it? Well, aside from creativity and the will to get the job done, this talented duo brought some special skills to the job. Skills like welding to make structural repairs.

And carpentry skills to to build the kitchen frame and other furniture.


Wonderful Engineering

They had to think outside the box when it came to the kitchen. They didn’t want to buy a mini fridge so they made one themselves with a thermostat and a cooler! They even added a tiny grill to round out the kitchen set up. Both the DIY fridge and the mini grill are stored in drawers for easy storage.

They also created a frame for the couch that allows it to fold out into a bed with extra storage space underneath. This feature is always handy in a motorhome.


All the amenities in the van need battery power to operate, so they installed two extra batteries with a homemade panel that allows them to switch between batteries as needed.

To see the adventure van in action take a look at this video.

What did you think? Did they inspire you to create your own ultimate camper? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Wonderful Engineering

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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