10 Unique and Mindblowing Motorhomes


Many of us have become accustomed to the dazzling beauty and power of motorhomes when we see them through our travels, however there are some that can truly stun the onlooker. These marvels of engineering and design are just as much art as functional vehicles. These are 10 unique and mind-blowing motorhomes!


The DecoLiner

#1. The Million Dollar Motorhome


The Very Best Top 10

This mobile estate is outfitted with three bedrooms, a rooftop terrace, a Jacuzzo, and even a garage to park your luxury vehicle in. The list of features is astounding. Starting at the low price of $840,000, this vehicle might only be available for those with money to spend. For those looking to impress, this is a must.

#2. 1976 Cadillac Eldorado


Mighty Lists

Back in the ’70s, the Eldorado was on the top end of luxury mobile homes. This retro-futuristic vehicle has been a huge influence on modern motorhomes and paved the pay for a lot of the features that we’ve become accustomed to today.

#3. Hellrider


Web of Funny

This bad to the bone motorhome is fully road legal and literally one of a kind. Made by David Castillo, this crazy vehicle never fails to bring smiles, laughter, and fear to passersby.

#4. The Navette


The Very Best Top 10

Have you ever seen a motorhome that looks more similar to a caravan? This fantastic monster was created by Bob Smith in Wakita, Oklahoma and is sure to impress. The turning radius on this retro motorhome isn’t quite the greatest, but it’s perfect for long, uncurved distances.

#5. Personal Home


The Very Best Top 10

There’s definitely something to be said about taking off on your own and really being able to soak it all in. This personal living space and transportation vehicle is perfect for that exact opportunity. Outfitted with everything you might need on your journey, German designer Cornelius Comanns outdid himself with this one. Tall people beware.

#6. The “Muddy Matches” Roadshow


Motorhome 365

This mobile piece of art is more than just a home. Painted with an attractive and nostalgic design, this motorhome is bound to turn heads. Designed by Emma and Lucy Reeves, this amazing work was originally made for the purpose of promoting their dating website. It’s called “Muddy Matches” and is for all country people.

#7. Bulletmobile


Vintage Caravans

This crazy aerodynamic vehicle resides at Watts Bridge Airfield in Australia. Unfortunately, it’s not in use anymore, but imagine the road trips that you could have on this machine.

#8. House on Wheels



If you’ve ever thought of bolting a set of wheels to your house and taking it on a trip, this motorhome is just about your dream. Who wouldn’t want to wake up in the bedroom upstairs to the world moving past their eyes? Impressive in design and in function, this behemoth is definitely road trip worthy.

#9. The Decoliner


The Decoliner

The king of retro motorhomes. Made of polished aluminum and soaring 26 feet high, this stylish machine was designed by Blastolene. It includes a flying bridge with a driving station and space for up to 6 people on top of the roof. If you want to really stand out, this is your motorhome

#10. The Gold Standard



If you’re looking to dazzle, this gold masterpiece is the right motorhome for you. Outfitted with this gold decor, a cocktail bar, and a rooftop patio, this is as classy as it gets. However, this kind of class doesn’t come cheap. You might have to shell out a couple million if you want to be riding around in one of these bad boys one day.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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