10 Spectacular Retro RVs That Will Take You Back in Time


Once upon a time people lived under the open sky, with nothing but fire to keep them warm. As time passed, they improvised a saber-tiger skin tent…and thus the first campers were born. The tradition of camping has lived on for centuries. From the nomads to the industrialists, camping has been a way for humans to connect with nature.

Today we have a wide variety of caravans, campers, RVs and Motorhomes that make camping a bit less primitive, but no less adventurous. Have you ever wondered what the earliest RVs looked like?

We’ve put together a short list of the most astonishing retro RVs throughout history. Enjoy!

1. Old Bus Cabin

01 bus-cabin


This RV was custom made in 1950. It’s called the Visicoach Motorhome and was built by George Fields from Newark, Texas. It has modern conveniences such as airbags and an air conditioning unit. A rear entry door allows supplies to be loaded into the vehicle. At the time of its conception the U.S. Justice department took a great interest in this vehicle and turned it into a prison transport. Classified as a “special order” bus, this RV transported a tom of notorious criminals and spies during the Cold War.

2. Red Bus RV

Wilson Dalio Celebration 05-29-10


An awesome way to ride, this captivating RV should be utilized in our days. It has a roof panel for airflow or A/C and it is very spacious. The slide windows provide an abundance of air and make riding the the big red bus a breeze.

3. A Gypsy Caravan

Used by circus people, nomads and your modern day gypsies, this caravan was just enough to provide a modest life. You could paint it as you like and you take it anywhere you want (well almost anywhere). It’s hard not to imagine that anyone wouldn’t be happy in this caravan.

4. 1918 Camper Truck

This truck is a bit small if you ask me. But in 1918 it was considered a luxurious way to enjoy a weekend in nature. Roll up the sides, let the sunlight in and have a relaxing vacation.

5. The Western Pacific Airstream

05 40-ft-vintage-Western-Pacific-Airstream


A highly regarded vintage trailer measuring in at 40-ft in length. This special Airstream was used by the Western Pacific Railroad Company to provide living space for their employees. They are symmetrical from one end to the other. It is said that this trailer was created by fusing two 20’ trailers in the middle. Sadly, this captivating work of art was dismounted in 1989.

6. RV Adams Motor Bungalow

Built in 1917, this piece of history was considered a luxury RV back in the day. People with money to spare used this mobile home to enjoy nature. It provides plenty of shade and interior space to make your vacation pleasant and memorable.  People back then must have had a lovely time in this classic RV.

7. The Hollow Log RV

I almost can’t believe this was ever built. Who would have thought that building an RV is as simple as carving it out of a log? This vehicle was crafted in 1910 and was used by the Douglas Fir Log company as their main base. They used it house their employees and crew while out the road. What a brilliant idea!

8. The Jet RV

This one really exemplifies to profound creativity of some people? I mean, why wouldn’t you use pieces from an airplane to create the RV of your dreams? Granted, it doesn’t look to be the safest mode of transport due to its odd design, but it sure makes an impression. We can only hope that ideas like this will prosper in our time, after all, I’ve always wanted to see a half-tank/half-RV vehicle.

9. The 1922 Motorhome

I love this Motorhome! It looks so cozy and it has loads of space. You could take this vehicle anywhere and live a comfortably. It even has window boxes with flowers! I am amazed by this fascinating design.

The Woodie Bus

Possibly the father of our modern school buses, this RV is an interesting piece of art. It has a living space, a kitchen, and a comfortable bedroom. The horsepower on this one could let you drive you up even the highest mountains. It was built somewhere around 1978, and its “children” live on today.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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