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Wanted: Accessible RVs

The Not So Open Road

The RVing world is one that is built upon the ideas of freedom, family, and fun. Unencumbered travel and the open road. Despite the beauty of this beautiful little space that we get to call home, there is a saddening, glaring void that must be addressed:

Every year millions of Americans are denied access to the open road, all because of a lack of awareness.

Every year millions of Americans with disabilities set out to go on an RV road trip, only to find that industry has by-and-large done nothing to serve them. Perhaps the most prominent example is the fact that it is nearly impossible to find an RV rental that is wheelchair accessible.

Despite the overwhelming demand from this group of would-be RVers for access to the RV lifestyle, there remains an inexcusable lack of accessible RVs, RV parks, and awareness of the situation within the industry.

Breaking Barriers

After a car accident restricted longtime RV enthusiast Mark Douglass to a wheelchair in 1997, for the next 13 years he experienced first hand the lack of accessibility that the disabled community is confronted with in the world of RVs.

Mark had found a problem, and the RVing accessibility movement had found it’s champion.

Mark founded the RVing Accessibility Group (RVAG) in 2011 and he and his team have been on a crusade to raise awareness and educate those in the outdoor recreation industry about ADA compliance.

RVshare is proud to partner with Mark and the RVAG to amplify his message of compliance and understanding within the industry. We are also proud to give a home to the RV options available to those requiring accessibility.

A Call To Action

Do you, or someone you know own an RV that is modified to be accessible? We invite you to become a part of the solution. Please email us at [email protected] to join us, and be sure to follow RVAG on facebook.

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