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Which RV type is right for me?

I want to tow my RV

I want to drive my RV

Provides more flexibility with access to a smaller, secondary car for exploring and more living space.

Travel Trailer
Fifth Wheel

Provides the best rent-and-go option and allows for simplicity when it comes to setting up camp, just shift the RV into park.

Class C Motorhome
Class A Motorhome
  • Great option for more amenities
  • Allow for a second car to visit locations nearby
  • Come in many sizes
  • Has an overbed hitch
  • Can have as many as five slide outs, resembling a home
  • The biggest RV footprint
  • Can offer the indulgent amenities of a Class A at a lower price
  • Vary in size
  • The bigger the RV, the lower the gas mileage
  • Can be decked out with full-size amenities (such as an oven or bed)
  • Typically the most high-end and luxurious
Driving Comfort LevelComfortable towing with a truck or a large SUVComfortable towing with a full-sized pickupComfortable driving a truckComfortable driving a bus
Mileage10-20 mpg10-18 mpg8-13 mpg6-8 mpg
Length21-28 feet22-44 feet20-38 feet21-41+ feet

There is a wide range of amenities and floorplans depending on size of trailer

Travel Trailers

Full size kitchens with islands and full size master bedrooms are common

Fifth Wheels

Can include overhead sleeping space and some full-size features

Class C's

Often has secondary sleeping spaces like bunk beds and can offer full-size amenities in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom

Class A's

I want my RV delivered

Prefer to have your RV delivered? Many owners offer delivery as an additional option, either to your pickup location or directly to your destination.

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Planning Your Trip of a Lifetime with RVshare

If you’re thinking about going on a road trip, camping, or renting an RV for a special event, RVshare makes the whole process simple and fun!

Getting behind the wheel of a motorhome is a great way to explore the country while still having all the comforts of home. RVing lets you get up close and personal with nature, and allows you to spend the night under the stars, wherever your destination may be.

We make RV travel easy by connecting you to owners in your local area, or at your destination. We offer the largest selection of trusted RV rentals in the country. You can search through thousands of options including Luxury Class A Diesel Pushers, Class B Camper Vans, Class C Motorhomes, and Travel Trailers. You can filter your search and compare RV rental prices, features, reviews and more.

Book your RV rental online with confidence through the secure RVshare payment system. We verify accounts and perform fraud checks to help keep your transactions safe. Plus, RVshare offers industry-first rental protection and 24-hour roadside assistance! This provides peace of mind while you’re out on the road. If you get a flat tire or if you have questions about your RV, someone is always there to help you.

If you think you're ready to take the vacation of a lifetime and spend quality time reconnecting with your family, all while having the freedom to travel at your own pace, then you need to rent an RV and hit the road!